What do I do When I have Slow Connection?

    Remove the cable from the WAN/Internet port in the back of your router and connect it directly into your PC/laptop and retest the connection for about 1 hour this way. If there is an improvement, it is possible that your router could be giving fault or needs to be powered off/on.

    If no improvement. request a callback or contact lightnet support directly on 091 395804

    If running a speed test, please ensure nobody in the house is using your internet connection while the speed test is running.

    Slow Speed Information Sheet

    Ask yourself the following questions (Note your answers as it will help the support team if you are unable to resolve the problem yourself)

    1. When did you first notice your connection starting to slow down? E.g last 2-3 days, last week, last month etc.
    2. Is there any particular time of day you notice the slow performance happening, i.e morning/afternoon/evening/night/anytime? please note specific dates and times.
    3. Did you add a new device/online account to your home network around the same time the problem started to occur? E.g new Netflix account, a 2nd wireless router, online gaming account etc.
    4. What internet applications/online services are you having trouble with i.e Netflix, RTE Player, YouTube, Other streaming sites or general web browsing etc.
    5. Are you connecting through a wireless router? If so, do you power the router on/off at least once/twice a week?
    6. Is the slow performance across all of your internet devices? e.g laptop, tablet, mobile phones.

    About Speed Tests

    Speed tests are only a guideline. Speed tests may vary because of the following background factors:

    1. The amount of pressure a speed test server is under at that time i.e all networks nationwide are under high data pressure during peak time (6pm-1am), including speed test servers.
    2. The quality/capacity of the speed test server is unknown.
    3. Once the speed test leaves the Lightnet network, the quality of the path it takes to take the speed test server is unknown and out of Lightnet’s control.

    If someone is running a high data usages application through your connection (e.g streaming a HD video), this activity may use most of your bandwidth speeds at the time, thus resulting in a slower connection performance for others in the house.