The LAN cable left by our installer is your connection to the internet, this cable can be plugged directly into your home PC or laptop or can be plugged into a wireless router.

    When plugging into a router, you must follow your router manufacturer’s instructions (usually it is a plug and play)

    1. Plug LAN cable into ‘internet’ or ‘WAN’ port on router
    2. Turn on router
    3. Go -> WiFi setting on wireless device (laptop, smart phone)
    4. Select router name from the options available and enter the password that came with it (usually located on the bottom of the router)

    My WiFi cannot reach all areas of my house?

    This is a common problem with large homes or homes with thick walls, it is advised to centralize the wireless router to the best of your ability but sometimes that is not enough.

    There are two common ways to increase the range of your internal network

    1. Wireless extenders/repeaters – these devices link with your main WiFi router and then send the signal further. You usually have to place them somewhere central between your router and dead zone in your house.
    2. Powerline networking – commonly called Home Plugs. These come in sets of two or more devices which communicate with each other through the electrical wiring in your home. You have to place one of the plugs beside your WiFi router and link it with the LAN cable. Then you can take the other Home Plug to the area where your WiFi coverage is poor.